Common Vehicle Specs Explained

Must Know Vehicle Specs in Tuscaloosa, AL

Looking to purchase a vehicle for the first time can be overwhelming. It can be intimidating when reading all the technical jargon thrown around by the car industry. You don't have to be a car expert to find the perfect vehicle; with some basic knowledge, you can make an informed decision and get behind the wheel of a car that meets your needs. Take control and discover the perfect vehicle that matches your needs and preferences. Check out our guide to smart shopping and start your journey towards finding the car of your dreams.

Common Car Terms You Should Know

  • Transmission – The power is sent to your wheels from the transmission. The two types of transmission include:
    • Automatic: The engine automatically changes gears without input from the driver.
    • Manual: The driver assists the engine in changing gears by using a clutch and stick shift.
  • Suspension – The smoothness of your ride is determined by how well the suspension absorbs road imperfections.
  • Wheelbase – The vehicle's available space is determined by the wheelbase, which is determined by the distance between the front and rear wheels.
  • Reading Engine Descriptions – Your vehicle’s engine uses descriptions to classify its power. For example, let’s break down what “twin-turbocharged 3.5L V8” means.
    • Twin-Turbocharged: This term means that the engine features two turbochargers, which help increase air and fuel intake twice as much as an engine with a turbocharged engine. It’s important to note that not every engine is equipped with twin turbochargers.
    • 3.5L: Your engine’s capacity is measured in liters, so this engine is 3.5-liter.
    • V8: This is the number of cylinders and the arrangement of the cylinders. So, the engine has eight cylinders, two rows of four cylinders in a V-shape.
  • Drivetrain – The vehicle will send power to its wheels. The most common drivetrains include:
    • Front-wheel drive (FWD): The two front wheels receive the power.
    • Rear-wheel drive (RWD): The two rear wheels receive all the power, which helps with performance.
    • All-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD): All four wheels receive equal power, which helps traction.
  • Towing Capacity – This term refers to the amount of weight your vehicle can tow safely.
  • Torque (lb-ft) – The twisting force that helps accelerate your vehicle from idle.
  • Horsepower (HP) – Your engine produces power that helps improve the vehicle's acceleration rate.
  • Curb Weight – The amount your vehicle weighs empty.
  • MPG (Miles Per Gallon) – How many miles your vehicle can travel on a single gallon of gas. The higher the MPG, the more miles you can travel.
  • Turbocharged vs. Naturally Aspirated – Naturally aspirated engines don’t have turbines like turbocharged vehicles. These turbines help force more air into the combustion chamber to help improve performance. Turbocharged is not available on every engine.

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