Stay in Touch with NissanConnect®

Stay Connected with NissanConnect®

In today's era, cars are more than just a means of transportation mechanisms – they're advanced technological hubs on wheels. Ensuring you have connectivity, information, and entertainment while driving has shifted from being a luxury to a vital necessity. And Nissan is determined to give its drivers everything they need with NissanConnect®.

What Does NissanConnect® Offer?

NissanConnect® masterfully combines entertainment, knowledge, and communication into a single platform. It effortlessly integrates your smartphone with the touchscreen infotainment systems built-in to all the latest Nissan models.

Navigation System: A user-centric design means the navigation feature provides audible turn-by-turn directions, live traffic data, and local hotspots. Say goodbye to juggling with your phone or other gadgets – Nissan's got you covered.

Hands-Free Communication: NissanConnect® lets you make calls and send text messages without laying a finger on your mobile device. Need to check traffic, change the temperature, set a navigation destination, or crank up the volume of your favorite tunes. “Hey Nissan,” voice commands allow you to do all that without taking your hands off the wheel, enhancing your safety and allowing undivided attention on driving.

Music and Entertainment: Catering to both Apple and Android users, NissanConnect® plays nicely with both ecosystems connecting to Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ with wired or wireless connectivity depending on the model. Listen to your favorite playlists or podcasts via platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Mobile Applications: NissanConnect® transcends conventional in-car entertainment. Experience a variety of apps crafted for on-the-move use, like weather forecasts, fuel pricing, and even a Google-powered web search.

Safety Services: Traveling with peace of mind is invaluable. With NissanConnect's safety suite, you’re covered with automatic crash alerts, on-the-go assistance, theft tracking, and a plethora of other security-centric features, ensuring backup is always a button away.

Remote Access: The NissanConnect® Services application allows you to start your car, lock and unlock the doors, and even set geographical boundaries alerts on your vehicle, great for if you have a teen driver in the home.

User Experience: NissanConnect® places emphasis not just on features but also on user-friendliness. Renowned for its intuitive navigation, its touch interfaces are sharp, and the menus are ingeniously simple, ensuring a swift learning curve.

Finding the Right Fit with NissanConnect® at Townsend Nissan

When you’re ready to upgrade to a vehicle that keeps you connected to the things that matter most no matter where the road takes you, visit the Townsend Nissan dealership in Tuscaloosa, AL. Our team of knowledgeable sales representatives will help you find the vehicle that matches your needs. Whether that’s a spacious SUV, a sleek sedan, or a powerful truck, it will come equipped with NissanConnect®.

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