The Benefits of Buying a Vehicle in the Fall

Fall isn’t only for football—it’s for car buying as well. If you want the best deals from the dealership, ‘tis the season to shop. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of buying a vehicle in the fall.

Discounts Abound During Fall

Autumn marks the end of the quarter for dealerships. Fall is also the time when brand new models from the upcoming year are slated to fill lots. That means dealerships have to offer deals and discounts to cut back on excess inventory. That’s where you can swoop in and get your hands on a vehicle you’ve been eyeing for a while—for less.

Multiple Models are Still in Stock

Some car buyers opt to wait to the very end of the year to buy a new car: December. However, by the time December rolls around, the trims, specs, colors, and even models you’re looking for may not be in stock. While you can get some of the best deals in December, autumn offers comparable discounts with the added benefit of all kinds of options. Getting what you want at a price point you like is definitely one of the best benefits of buying a vehicle in the fall.

‘Tis the Season for Specials

To reduce inventory, dealerships also turn to specials on vehicles that they still have an abundance in stock. This is especially true during fall, as the end of the quarter (and year) looms. This means you can snag a certain vehicle for a whole lot less than the dealership originally listed it for.

Sales are on Your Side

Sales goals are a constant in the car selling industry—and can many times swing in your favor. As the New Year nears, dealerships strive to hit certain sales marks. Sometimes, this means you can negotiate a more favorable price for the vehicle you want.


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The Benefits of Buying a Vehicle in the Fall - Townsend Nissan

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