Your Vehicle Safety Carpool Checklist

When you carpool, you can count on a few things: spilled snacks, forgotten backpacks, and LEGOs in the strangest of places. One thing you should never count on, though, is that a safe drive is guaranteed. With school starting back this month, make sure that you’ve checked off all the requirements from this vehicle safety carpool checklist.

Look out for other pedestrians

Some kids walk to school. Others might sneak behind your vehicle as they leave or enter the carpool lane. You’ll encounter lots of little pedestrians as you drop off your kiddos. So, make sure to keep an eye out for them!

Visit the auto shop

In the lead-up until school starts, you’ll have a lot to do. Shopping, doctor’s appointments, school open houses and more—don’t forget to add an auto shop visit to your list. There, you can get a check-up on your car! Make sure that you get your brakes, lights, tires, oil, wipers, and more checked out by a professional. Though this part of the vehicle safety carpool checklist may take some time, it’s a critical step towards taking care of drivers and passengers alike.

Double-check before you back up

Children can be fast. Always double-check before you back up. If you have a car with a back-up detection camera, make sure to use it—but still confirm for yourself that the area is clear.

Stow your phone

Maybe you’re waiting to hear back from another parent about him or her picking up your child. Maybe your coworker has a quick question. Or maybe you have a child taking a sick day. Though these sound like tempting excuses to check your message, you should never, ever have a phone out while you’re behind the wheel. Stow it away and check on it only when you’re done with your journey.

Do a seatbelt check

Before every drive, you should always ask if everyone’s buckled. You should also look in the rearview mirror or cabin camera and make sure that they’re all telling the truth. Spending these precious few seconds on safety could make all the difference.

Store large belongings carefully

Your kid may have instruments, equipment, and more to bring to school. Try and put big belongings away carefully so that they don’t obstruct your view of the road.


Carpooling does its part to save our environment. Make sure that you do your part to keep your passengers safe from point A to point B by following this important vehicle safety carpool checklist.

Now that it’s time to start carpooling again, you might need a bigger vehicle. At Townsend Nissan, we’re happy to help you find the right one! Visit us soon or call us at 877-861-8514 to get started. As for learning more about cars, check out our blog.

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