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Discover Which Transmission Type Fits Your Driving Style

There is likely to be a lot on your mind when you start shopping for a vehicle. This makes sense, as there are many important decisions to make. One factor you shouldn’t overlook is picking a transmission for the vehicle. Today, vehicles come with one of four types of transmissions: manual, automatic, semi-automatic, and continuously variable speed. There are aspects of each that you can enjoy.

As you understand how each transmission works and what their advantages are, you can feel confident in choosing one for your new vehicle. The Townsend Nissan dealership is the right place to find your next vehicle. The sales team can also guide you in your search for a transmission and vehicle.

In this article, you will learn more about the four transmission types and how they function. Then, you’ll be able to make a choice that best fits your driving style and needs.

Manual Transmission

Manual transmission is popular these days, but many drivers still prefer it. This transmission type requires the driver to shift gears manually. The driver changes gears by using two devices in the car: the stick shift and the clutch pedal. The stick shift is in between the front seats in the front part of the center console. The clutch pedal is on the floor, left of the brake. The driver uses their left foot to press down on the clutch pedal whenever shifting and when coming to a stop and pulling away in the vehicle.

Most cars with manual transmission have five or more gears. Some of the most appealing benefits of manual transmission include:

  • It is cheaper to repair manual transmission than it is to fix other types.
  • Vehicles with manual transmission are less expensive.
  • Manual transmission can give the driver the feeling of being more involved with the vehicle.
  • Cars with manual transmission typically have better resale value.

Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission is the opposite of the manual transmission. Instead of using a clutch pedal and stick shift, the driver doesn’t have to do anything to shift gears; this happens automatically. This is also the most common type of transmission, as you can find it on most makes and vehicle bodies. Some advantages include the following:

  • An automatic transmission is smooth and seamless.
  • An automatic transmission excels in conditions where the driver needs to frequently stop and start, such as in city traffic.
  • It is easier to learn how to drive a car with an automatic transmission than a vehicle with a manual transmission, as the driver doesn’t need to do anything to change gears.
  • An automatic transmission is easy to find when you are shopping for a vehicle to purchase.

Semi-Automatic Transmission

A semi-automatic transmission has elements of both manual and automatic transmission. It’s similar to manual transmission because the driver can shift manually and change to a different gear. However, the difference is that there is no clutch pedal or stick shift with semi-automatic transmission. Instead, the driver shifts by using buttons or paddles on or around the steering wheel. A sensor in the vehicle takes care of the job the clutch pedal would do. Also, the driver does not have to shift, as this is optional. Upshifting and downshifting when the vehicle speeds up or slows down occurs automatically.

The benefits of a semi-automatic transmission include the following:

  • A semi-automatic transmission lets the driver maintain excellent control.
  • It is easier to learn how to operate than manual transmission.

Continuously Variable Transmission

A continuously variable transmission, or CVT, is quite different than the other three types. The main difference is that it uses two pulleys connected by a belt. One pulley connects to the engine, while the other links to the transmission. The other transmission types use fixed gears. A CVT also has infinite gear ratios and does not require input from the driver.

You will often see a CVT on smaller vehicles such as compact cars and compact SUVs. It has the following advantages:

  • Cars with CVT get excellent fuel economy.
  • A CVT has fewer parts, making the vehicles lighter.
  • A CVT is easier to learn than manual transmission and semi-automatic transmission.
  • A CVT in vehicles makes the ride smooth in practically any condition.

Shop Your Next Vehicle at Townsend Nissan

Don’t let the task of picking a transmission type overwhelm you. As you understand how each of the four types works, you can have confidence in picking the right one.

But if you need more guidance, the team at Townsend Nissan in Tuscaloosa, AL, can help you make the right decision. Stop by today and pick a transmission on a model you know will meet your driving needs.

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