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Wheel alignment is just one of those routine maintenance that must be performed from time to time. If you’re near Northport, AL, and in search of a reliable auto service station, you can come to Townsend Nissan. Your team is trained to perform wheel alignments to get you back on the roads and on your way in a flash. Since safety is the number one priority, you need to ensure your wheels are always properly aligned. So, schedule an appointment for wheel alignment with us today!

Why Is Wheel Alignment Needed Routinely?

There are the occasional repairs that need to be handled, and then there are your routine maintenance services that must be done periodically to keep your vehicle in good shape. Wheel alignment falls under the routine maintenance category. It is recommended that drivers bring their vehicle in for alignment services every 5,000-10,000 miles, after installing new tires, or every year. It really depends on many factors. It’s good practice to pay attention to how your vehicle is driving for signs that you may need an alignment.

Here are a few reasons why alignments are beneficial:

  • Alignments prevent premature and uneven wear of tires. This is crucial to avoid a burst tire while driving.
  • Alignments improve the handling and control of your vehicle, which helps you to avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • They enhance brake performance.
  • You will have a smoother ride without all of the shaking, vibrating, and wobbling.
  • Your vehicle will drive straight instead of pulling to one side, making driving easier and more comfortable.
  • And many other benefits!

Schedule Wheel Alignment Service With Townsend Nissan

Schedule your next wheel alignment with Townsend Nissan if you are a driver near Northport, AL. Our team wants to see you back on the roads safely and in better driving conditions. Our auto shop is full service, so we can also handle oil changes, tire rotations, brakes, repairs of many kinds, and more– so give us a call, we’re here for you!

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