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Tires play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of your vehicle. They are responsible for providing traction, stability, and steering for your car. However, with time, tires wear out and lose their functionality, which creates a potential hazard for the driver and passengers. At Townsend Nissan, we can help you find new tires at the right price. Now, here are some signs that will suggest when it's time to replace your old tires with new ones.

  • Tread Wear: Tread wear is the most common and obvious sign that your tires need replacement. The tire tread is the area in contact with the road, and with continuous use, it wears down over time. Worn-out tires can lead to poor handling, reduced traction, and decreased braking performance. To check the tread, use a penny and insert it into the groove; if Lincoln's head is visible, it's time to replace your tires.
  • Cracks and Bulges: Tires can develop cracks and bulges due to age, exposure to heat and cold, and other environmental factors. Cracks on tires weaken the structure, while bulges can lead to a blowout. Therefore, it is essential to inspect your tires regularly for cracks and bulges and replace them immediately.
  • Irregular Wear: Irregular wear on tires can occur due to many reasons such as improper alignment, unbalanced tires, or lack of rotation. It can cause vibrations, noise, and affect handling. The uneven wear can also reduce the life of your tires. If you notice any unusual wear, consult a professional technician to diagnose and fix the cause and replace the tires if necessary.
  • Age: Tires have a lifespan of approximately six years, irrespective of the mileage covered. The various elements that affect the tire's life include exposure to sunlight, humidity, and temperature changes. Over time, the rubber compound on the tires hardens, leading to cracks and other problems. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a new set of tires if your present tires are six years or older, despite showing no visible signs of wear.
  • Reduced Mileage: If you have noticed a decline in the mileage per gallon that you usually get, you may want to check your tires. Worn-out tires increase the rolling resistance, making your engine work harder and reducing fuel efficiency.
  • Sudden Drastic Changes in Handling: If you have recently experienced any drastic changes in the handling of your vehicle such as increased vibration or pulling in one direction, it's time to have a qualified mechanic check your tires. Several factors can cause such issues, including tire damage, wear, or improper tire pressure, among others.
  • Weather Conditions: The type of tire needed also depends on the kind of weather it will be driven in. If you live in areas with extreme weather variations, such as wet, snowy, or icy conditions, then you need tires that are designed to perform in those situations. Ensure that you have the right tires that match the weather conditions to ensure safe driving.

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It is necessary to inspect your tires regularly and replace them if you notice any of the above signs. Prompt replacement helps to prevent imminent hazards and ensures that you maintain control of your vehicle while driving. When you’re looking for new tires – no matter the brand or size – schedule service at Townsend Nissan. We can help. Shop our extensive selection of new tires, and let’s get your vehicle back on the road with the right tires at the right price.

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