Nissan’s Self-Driving Car Tech Adapted for Golf Balls

September 12th, 2019 by

Science—it changes the way we do everything. It even changes how we golf! Because of Nissan’s self-driving car tech adapted for golf balls, the game has an interesting future ahead of it. Here’s how they “putt” the technology into autonomous golf balls—and how that will affect how people play the sport.

Self-Driving Technology

By now, you’ve probably heard all about self-driving cars. They’re out there—and some, like Google’s self-driving cars, have seen their fair share of pavement. Well, it turns out that the same technology can also be used to make autonomous golf balls.

So, how does the technology work? It uses miniature sensors, a motor, and an internal monitoring system to get each golf ball to its target goal. That means that when a user putts the golf ball, it can course-correct. Of course, the destination needs to be selected first, which tends to take some of the fun out of golfing.

Innovating How We Play Golf

Golf is a sport filled with patience and precision. Using Nissan’s self-driving car tech adapted for golf balls can change how the sport is played, but the heart of the game remains the same: you putt the ball and hope that you can make it reach the hole.

Though some golf fans may not like this new technology, others might enjoy getting an edge on their game. Still, it looks like the golf balls won’t be on the market any time soon. And if you were interested in trying them out for yourself, that window just passed on September 1. A select few people visiting the Nissan headquarters located in Yokohama, Japan did get the chance to try out the golf balls. Who knows though—maybe one day, you’ll be able to pick these cool golf balls out at a local sporting goods store!


Getting Nissan’s self-driving car tech adapted for golf balls involved a lot of hard work and experimentation. Getting into a Nissan, on the other hand, is simple and easy! Come visit us at Townsend Nissan to take a test drive or call us at 877-861-8514. You can also check out our cool blog for more useful info for drivers.

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