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Has your engine become harder to crank lately? Do the electrical features in your cabin seem to underperform? The battery could be to blame, and when your vehicle needs car battery service near Brent, Alabama, you can always turn to Townsend Nissan for fast, reliable maintenance. If your car battery ever needs an inspection, charge, or replacement, the trained technicians at our car battery shop near Brent can take care of everything for you, and we’ll provide our professional services efficiently and affordably.

Nobody wants to be delayed by a dead battery, and it’s much better to catch battery problems early rather than to wait until it completely fails on you. Make sure your vehicle is always ready to go with a battery you can count on and visit our service center near Brent.

When Does a Car Need a New Battery?

The battery in your car provides the power needed to start your engine, but eventually, it will start to lose its charge, and it won’t be able to power the startup as effectively. If you keep it for too long, the battery will even die completely. While most car batteries should last three to five years, there are factors that can reduce the lifespan of your car battery and impact its performance in the meantime. Frequent short trips, extreme temperatures, your own driving tendencies, and other issues can tax your battery, so it’s important to have it replaced before it’s too drained to serve its purpose.

How Does a Car Battery Lose its Charge?

Your car battery delivers the energy needed to start your engine, and as you drive, the alternator must recharge it. However, if you don’t drive long enough to recharge the battery, or if the alternator isn’t working, the battery might lose more power than it can regain. If you leave electrical components on after your engine is shut off, equipment like your headlights, interior lights, and other electronics can also drain the battery.

Battery Replacement Service Near Brent, AL

If you’re not sure what condition your battery is in, you can take a look to check for physical signs of wear. Check for loose connections on the terminals, and look out for any cracks, leaks, or corrosion. If you suspect that your battery isn’t in the condition it should be, bring your vehicle to our auto shop near Brent for fast battery service for a low price. Be sure to check out our parts and service offers to make a great price even better.

Schedule Battery Service with Townsend Nissan

To keep your vehicle powered with a dependable battery, count on us at Townsend Nissan. Schedule service with the pros at our battery shop to make sure your vehicle has the energy it needs to perform reliably for miles ahead. You’ll find our service center located near Brent, Alabama.

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