Brake Service Near Cottondale

Brake Service Near Cottondale, Alabama

Stay safe on the road with brake services from Townsend Nissan’s full-service auto center located near Cottondale, AL

Your brake system is the most important safety feature in your vehicle, even if you have an advanced safety suite like Nissan Safety Shield 360. In fact, many advanced safety features rely on functioning brakes to work properly. Our service center technicians are trained and certified to maintain and repair your brake system so that you are always protected.

Our Brake Services

To help you maintain your brake system, we offer the following maintenance and repair services:

  • Brake Pad Replacement – This is the most common brake service. When you hear your brakes squealing, the brake pads have worn down, and it’s time for replacements.
  • Brake Rotor Resurfacing – Brake rotors need to be serviced less frequently, but they can develop warped surfaces, which might cause a pulsating brake pedal. When that happens, our team will resurface or replace your brake rotors.
  • Brake Caliper Service – Your brake calipers are the housing unit for your brake pads and pistons. Cali
  • pers become dirty and sticky over time, which leads to a reduction in brake performance. Our technicians will clean and lubricate your calipers to restore them to working order.
  • Brake Fluid Flush – During a brake fluid flush, we remove and replace the oil, much like an oil change service.
  • Brake System Inspectio – If you’re taking a road trip or just want peace of mind that your brake system is in pristine condition, ask our technicians to complete a visual inspection of your brake pads, rotors, calipers, brake lines, and other brake system components.

Signs You Need Brake Services

Besides your brake warning light, there are several indicators that you can watch out for.

  • Unusual Noises: Grinding, squealing, or screeching noises from your brakes usually mean you have worn brake pads.
  • Vibrations When Braking: A vibrating steering wheel or brake pedal suggests warped brake rotors, usually from overheating or uneven wear.
  • Soft Brake Pedal: A spongy brake pedal could mean air in the lines or a brake fluid leak.
  • Car Pulling to One Side: If braking causes your car to pull to one side, it could be due to uneven brake pad wear, a seized caliper, or suspension issues.
  • Leaking Brake Fluid: Any brake fluid leak is urgent, as it can significantly weaken or even eliminate braking power.

Never ignore warning signs related to your brake system. A fully functioning brake system is critical for your safety and everyone else on the road. If you notice any of the signs above, book an appointment with the Townsend Nissan service center.

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