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AutoPayPlus In Tuscaloosa, AL

Do you need a convenient way to pay your loans in Tuscaloosa, Alabama? Here at Townsend Nissan, we love helping drivers secure their auto loans, and now we’d also like to share a practical, rewarding way to make the loan payment process as easy as possible. Take a look at AutoPayPlus to see what this handy app can do for you.

What is AutoPayPlus?

AutoPayPlus is an automated loan payment service. Its user-friendly flexibility allows you to match your payments to your paychecks. This helps you avoid late fees and plan your budget while streamlining the payoff of your loan. The service has helped more than 325,000 members since launching in 2003, securely transmitting more than $5.65 billion for those members. When you activate the AutoPayPlus app on your phone, you’ll also be able to add funds as needed, track your maintenance schedule, check your car’s trade-in value, and stay alert of any recall notices relevant to your vehicle.

How Does AutoPayPlus Work?

AutoPayPlus brings the tools you need to manage your budget and pay your loans right to your smartphone screen. With the app, you can enroll all your loans and set your payment frequency with your pay period in mind so that outgoing payments coincide with your paydays to ensure that the money needed for each payment is there and ready. With set payment dates, you won’t have to worry about late fees or any mark against your credit score. AutoPayPlus also offers accelerated payment plans to pay off your loans ahead of schedule. With a biweekly payment plan, you can work away at your loans with 26 half-payments over the course of the year, along with one extra payment toward the principal balance in order to pay off what you owe even faster.

Easy Loan Payments in Tuscaloosa, AL

There are no upfront costs for AutoPayPlus, as the price for enrollment comes out of your accelerated payments. You can also take advantage of a six-month open enrollment to add all of your loans with no additional enrollment fee. It’s easy to manage your account no matter where you go, as the app presents all your AutoPayPlus features to your fingertips. You’re also welcome to utilize AutoPayPlus’ additional services, including ID protection and restoration and support with credit information. The app is intuitive and easy to use, and whenever you have questions about the app and its services, you can contact member support to speak with a representative.

Getting Started

When you first enroll with AutoPayPlus, you’ll receive a message from the company’s founder within 24 hours welcoming you to the service. Next, you’ll receive a reminder to set up and sign into the member’s portal to access your account info and credit details easily. You’ll be able to confirm debit amounts and withdrawal dates, and you’ll receive a reminder to confirm your mailing address. Five months after enrollment, you’ll be asked to confirm the shipping address for your Perks card along with information about the AutoPay+Perks program.

AutoPay+Perks Card

When your AutoPay+Perks account has been open and active for six months, AutoPayPlus will send you a credit card. This card will come pre-equipped with promotional credit to be put toward maintenance at our dealership. Whenever you use that card at the dealership, it will receive a Boost of 10 percent or more as a percentage discount on the bill for your service. You’ll get reminders whenever any promo credit is about to expire, and you’ll also receive reminders to bring your vehicle in to our service center in Tuscaloosa for maintenance.

Member Benefits

If you’re looking for a convenient way to manage your loan payments, consider these user-friendly AutoPayPlus benefits:

  • On-time payments to prevent late fees
  • Matching payment dates to paydays
  • Credit protection
  • Straightforward budgeting
  • Faster payoff for your loans
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Six-month enrollment payment for additional loans with no fee
  • No checks or postage
  • Easy access through your smartphone

Come See Us at Townsend Nissan

If you’d like to learn more about the AutoPayPlus service, you’re welcome to contact us at Townsend Nissan. Our team would love to show you how easy it is to manage your loan payments and keep track of your cash flow via the app, and we’d also be happy to show you around the lot while you’re here. Our Nissan dealership is conveniently located at 2620 Skyland Boulevard E, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405, so come visit us whenever you’re ready.

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