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Nissan’s Green Future:

In today's world, taking care of our environment is crucial. When it comes to automakers, Nissan's electric vehicles and the promise of environmentally responsible manufacturing means that we're planning ahead for a sustainable future for everyone.

Going Carbon Neutral

Imagine cars that don’t harm the environment. Nissan aims to be carbon neutral by 2050, backing up that promise with real investments in new technologies and sustainable practices.

Electrifying the Lineup

At the heart of Nissan’s green strategy is electrification. By the early 2030s, all new models in major markets will be electric. Riding high on the success of the Nissan LEAF, the new all-electric Ariya SUV is redefining style and eco-friendliness. Nissan is also boosting battery technology and increasing charging stations, making it simpler and more convenient to own an electric car.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Nissan’s commitment to green starts in the factory. Plants like Sunderland in the UK are powered by renewable energy from solar farms and wind turbines. Nissan is committed to ensuring sustainability at every step of the car-making process.

Embracing Zero Waste

Nissan believes in a world where nothing goes to waste. They’re designing cars for recycling, focusing on reducing waste and increasing the use of recycled materials.

Smart Energy Solutions

Nissan’s Energy Share program lets you use your car to power your home, giving you backup energy and helping balance the power grid. The company's research department is also exploring vehicle-to-grid technology, which would allow electric cars to send power back to the grid during busy times, making it easier to use renewable energy.

Building Community

Nissan knows change requires teamwork. By working with governments, businesses, and communities to promote sustainable practices and electric vehicle adoption.

Join the Green Movement with Townsend Nissan

Nissan’s journey is about more than reducing its environmental footprint--it's also about being a responsible steward of this singular world we live in and delivering a way for drivers to benefit from EVs.

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