Altima Versus Accord

The Nissan Altima and Honda Accord are two of the most popular midsize sedans available. Both occupy roughly the same market niche, and they appeal to very similar customers. There are some key differences between them, however, and one of the two decisively comes out on top. While there is no single area where the Nissan Altima completely outclasses its competition, on balance, the advantage goes to the Altima in almost every category.


There are some important differences between these two vehicles that give the advantage to the Nissan Altima. In safety, the Altima won five stars (the highest rating possible) from the NHTSA in its front crash rating, while the Accord only received four stars in frontal collision testing. The Altima also has a slight advantage in fuel economy. Both cars' 4-cylinder engines sip gas, but the Altima's lighter build means it gets 27 mpg on surface streets and 39 mpg on the highway. The heavier Accord does just as well in stop-and-go traffic, with 27 mpg in the city, but there's a noticeable drop-off on the open road, where the Accord only gets 37 mpg.

Another area of difference is in the interior technology. While the interfaces of both vehicles feature the same technology and features, the Altima's older design has given it more time to iron out the bugs and produce a simpler, easier-to-use set of menus for use while you're driving.


On the surface, these two sedans have a lot in common. Both are pretty roomy inside, and both offer a convenient 60/40 split with the folding back seats. Both cars have about the same power under the hood, with the standard engine in both models being a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder that you can upgrade to a peppy V6. The Accord narrowly edges the Altima in cargo space, but not really enough to notice. The Accord offers 15.8 cubic feet of space in the trunk, and the Altima runs a close second with 15.4.

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